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Physical Therapist


Having regular health exams and tests is one of the best ways to take charge of your health. Regular visits can help find problems before they start, as well as help find problems early, when the chances of improvement are better. Routine check ups with your physician and dentist are very important, as are your annual check ups with your physical therapist! Annual Physical Therapy Check Ups are targeted towards your musculoskeletal system and help:

  • Optimize movement and promote health, wellness, and fitness by examining the strength, range of motion, and flexibility of the entire body

  • Improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease

  • Decrease risk of future injury

  • Fall risk assessment

  • Slow progression of current impairments of the body function

  • Decrease daily aches and pain

  • Review of current level of fitness participation


Take charge towards a healthier & longer life!

Why Have a Physical Therapy Check Up?

As movement experts, your physical therapist, is trained to examine and treat the musculoskeletal system. The Annual Physical Therapy Check Up is a preventative way to assess all body systems and appropriate referral if needed. But most importantly, assess your musculoskeletal system to address any limitations, compensatory movement patterns, and concerns.

When Should You Have a Physical Therapy Check Up?

  • Annually (even in the absence of pain, to reduce risk and maintain current lifestyle)

  • Any time you develop pain or discomfort from a familiar activity

  • Any time you have a fall

  • Any time you start or are going to start a fitness program

  • Any time you start or change sports, recreational activity or area in performing arts


What Does an Annual Physical Therapy Check Up Entail?

Our annual check up is approximately 30-60 min. depending on the individual. Therefore, making the check up very individualized and specific to your needs. The physical therapist establishes health and fitness goals and aspirations, as well as assesses your overall quality of life. In order to make you, the best YOU! Your physical therapist reviews and monitors your past medical history, as well as, tracks your strength, flexibility, mobility and balance from year to year to assess any changes as the years go on.


Schedule your Annual Physical Therapy Check Up Today!


We are here to help you get healthy, stay healthy, prevent future injuries and ultimately save money!

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