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Don’t Distance Physical Therapy

Updated: Jun 16

Written by Dr. Brian A. Magna, PT, DPT

I have been a physical therapist for 30 years and have had many challenges as a healthcare provider, yet I have never experienced a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 has had a dramatic decrease in patient visits due to state stay at home mandates, business and gym closings as well as overall fear of being within six feet of others. Physical therapy is an essential business and we continue to see patients who have chosen to come to our clinics, as well as, participate in virtual health sessions.

During these times it is important to have gratitude, get proper rest, drink plenty of fluids and exercise to maintain a healthy immune system. Physical therapists are trained not only in the evaluation and treatment of injuries and disease, but to help people to maintain healthy lifestyles as well, including designing at home personal fitness programs. I recommend proper social distancing at this time, but not distancing yourself from visiting your physical therapist. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are still working to help you get through these tough times so when the pandemic eases, you can get back to doing the activities you like to enjoy.

If you need physical therapy regarding a chronic or new condition, referrals in most cases are not required and are paid for by insurance. We are here for you!

Dr. Magna is the owner of Magna Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center in Avon and Canton.

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